About Funky Retro

Funky Retro is a free online magazine dedicated to times gone by, we are staffed by a motley crew of geriatric delinquents, who never quite managed the art of growing old gracefully.

While our office does at times resemble Gods waiting room and smell faintly of stale urine, we are determined to keep wallowing in nostalgia for as long as we can and bringing you the reader, the value of our many years of life experience.

At times we do review retro and vintage themed consumer products, the majority of which we genuinely find of interest, however there may be occasion when we receive a small referral commision for recommending such products to our readers, well, we have to top up our paltry state pensions somehow!!

Please note that we do not sell anything ourselves, and we do not ship anything ourselves. We cannot assist you with your purchase orders, and we do not know if a product can be shipped internationally, so don’t bother asking and oh yes we can be quite grumpy at times, deal with it!

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