Moulin Rouge Fancy Dress Ideas

Burlesque Outfits for Men and Women

moulin rouge fancy dress ideas

Would you like to appear sexy yet sophisticated at your next Halloween or fancy dress party? Then the vintage burlesque, glamour girl look is hard to beat.

Thanks to blockbuster movies like the ‘Moulin Rouge’ starring the gorgeous Nicole Kidman and the equally sumptuous Ewan McGregor and the efforts of the awesome vintage style pin up girl Dita Von Teese, that Burlesque, Moulin Rouge look is definitely the appearance you should be aiming for.

Combining beautiful retro themed clothing with a sexy, sassy attitude, Burlesque fashion is back with a bang.

A Brief History of the Moulin Rouge Burlesque Cabaret

ooh, la, la

The Moulin Rouge (Red Mill, in English) opened its doors to an unsuspecting Victorian public in 1889 and quickly caused a sensation around the globe’ thanks mainly to the outlandish costumes and bawdy behaviour of the Moulin Rouge dancers and performers.

Titillation was high on the list of priorities for the patrons of this classy yet bawdy theatre house and the Moulin Rouge did not disappoint, giving birth to a new, never seen before, erotic dance routine known as the Can Can.

As you will no doubt appreciate, the Burlesque type attire of the Moulin Rouge dancers was stylish and provocative with more than enough ‘ooh la, la’ to get any pulse racing.

Naturally this fun and sexy look makes for a sensational fancy dress outfit, which will make you the centre of attraction, this Halloween or at any dress up occasion.

Moulin Rouge Outfit Ideas for Women

The best way to go about assembling your own, unique Moulin Rouge outfit is to have a look at the core essentials that just scream Burlesque:

The Corset or Bustier

A Burlesque Corset should be the first thing you put on your shopping list but don’t panic, we aren’t talking about the whale bone type, rib crushing corsets of yesteryear, modern fashion corsets are light yet sexy and the really good news is they are back in fashion as outerwear, perfect for clubbing and as more formal attire. So after the party it won’t get left in the closet.

However, to give it that true Moulin Rouge flavour be sure to add plenty of colourful  frills, bows and ribbons.

The Skirt

Burlesque type skirts come in a variety of different styles, from the short and daring Tutu skirt, through to the bustle skirt and the more demure long, layered skirts, for those who like to preserve a little more modesty.

burlesque tutu skirt
Tutu Skirt
Bustle Skirt
Long Layered Skirt

Burlesque Underwear

Let’s face it girls, a Moulin Rouge costume is all about being provocative and daring, so chances are your underwear is going to be on show at least some of the time. Fortunately Burlesque Knickers come in a variety of different styles, from the classic French Bloomers favoured by  Can-Can dancers, to the over the top frilly knickers as worn by the Moulin Rouge showgirls.

Be as daring or as demure as you like, the real beauty of Burlesque is to be original and unique.

types of burlesque knickers
Some Examples of Burlesque Style Knickers

Burlesque Accessories

Now we have our basic costume sorted out it’s time to have some real fun, Burlesque accessories can really make or break your outfit, so in typical Burlesque Style, go way over the top. Indulge in some fishnet stockings or tights and of course a sexy garter. High heels are a must and long elbow length satin gloves will really add some sex appeal.

Don’t forget the feather boa and of course that oh so chic fascinator.

Ready Made, Off the Peg Burlesque Outfits

The great thing about going for that Moulin Rouge fancy dress costume is the amount of choice available. You can be a Can-Can dancer for the night, or even a sexy saloon girl as well as going for the classic racy showgirl look.

If you are looking for a quick way to put together your Burlesque style fancy dress, then look no further than Amazon, they stock an impressive range of outfits that are very affordable, see the examples below, many of which are also available in ‘plus’ sizes for the more curvaceous ladies out there.


burlesque costumes for men and women amazon
Moulin Rouge Fancy Dress for Men and Women at Amazon

Moulin Rouge Hair and Make-Up

OK, your outfit looks great but now for the finishing touches, that all important vintage styled hair and makeup. We have selected a couple of video tutorials to help you achieve that classic Moulin Rouge look but there is also a wealth of material available online, try searching for ‘Moulin Rouge Hair’ or ‘Burlesque Makeup Ideas’.

How to Get Hair Like Nicole Kidman in 'Moulin Rouge'

Moulin Rouge Make-Up Video Tutorial

You’re all done and I bet you look fabulous, now go parrttaaayyy.

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