New Subbuteo – Classic table top Soccer is back

The generic word for table top football is Subbuteo, from its swivel footed kickers to the racially balanced teams that appeared in the seventies, Subbuteo has led the way in a game that in the eighties was enjoyed by around ten million players in over fifty countries.

Sadly however the finger flicking good times couldn’t last and under an onslaught led by sophisticated video games, sales slumped, to the point that in 2002 just three thousand sets were sold.

The crushing blow came in 2003, production ceased entirely as the video games juggernaut gathered momentum and despite a pathetic attempt by Hasbro to recreate the game in two dimensional cardboard cut-out form, (a version that pleased no one), the game quietly died a death.

But like Lazarus, Subbuteo is rising from the dead, with a brand new range of sets and accessories produced by top toy designer and manufacturer Paul Lamond.

Can Subbuteo really become as successful as it was in its heyday? Only time will tell.

the New Subbuteo by Paul Lamond

New subbuteo by Paul Lamond

The new Subbuteo by Paul Lamond retains all the playability and appeal of the original Subbuteo sets but has been totally re-energised, with more durable, exquisitely painted figures and an awesome new pitch that will show off your playing skills to maximum effect.

Sure to be one of the best selling games this Christmas, as the video game backlash continues and parents yearn for a return to games that are hands on and real fun for all the family.

Subbuteo Vintage TV Commercial

New Subbuteo Premier League Teams

subbuteo man utd

Enhance your Subbuteo playing experience by playing with your favourite team, Paul Lamond have started their table top soccer revival with a strong range of officially licensed English Premier League teams, including Manchester United, Chelsea and Liverpool, with more teams being added regularly.

The new Subbuteo players feature an unprecedented level of detail and are so strong that their playing careers will last longer than David Beckhams, plan your tactics, pick your team and destroy your opponent, it’s all in the game.

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