Old Fashioned Mechanical Kitchen Scales

very funky and very retro

vintage style kitchen scales

Nothing beats that feeling of nostalgia more than an old fashioned kitchen, memories of Sunday lunch at grandmas house, all the family gathered round, the wonderful aromas of bygone days.

If you have decided to go for the retro look in your kitchen and want to add that authentic feel while remaining functional, a pair of old fashioned weighing scales are just the job.

Funky Retro has sourced some of the best kitchen scales that you can buy today, that will add that authentic touch to your retro themed kitchen, while remaining a useful, practical aid to your cooking and baking skills.

Traditional Cast Iron Balance Scales

KitchenCraft Natural Elements

One of the main reasons people remember the past with such affection, is the sheer quality and craftsmanship associated with classic kitchen tools and appliances.

Before the days of mass produced plastic rubbish, everything you bought was built to last and world renowned kitchen scale manufacturers KitchenCraft adhere closely to this tradition of quality, producing cast iron scales that are not only beautiful to look at but will probably last a lifetime.

Featuring a tear shaped stainless steel weighing dish and a removable acacia wood stand, this KitchenCraft, Natural Elements, Traditional Balance Scales Set is the perfect addition to any retro themed kitchen.

Jamie Oliver Old School Cream Scales

by Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver JC4301 Old School Cream Scales

Jamie Oliver is one of the few celebrity chefs who have truly revolutionised the cooking world and inspired millions to eat healthy and enjoy the cooking experience.

The Jamie Oliver Old School Scales are part of an exclusive range of kitchen equipment, endorsed by Jamie himself, built to withstand the vigour’s of the busiest kitchen, these classically designed kitchen scales combine retro chic with incredibly accurate functionality.

Features a large easy to read dial, which caters for both imperial and metric weights and stainless steel construction which will stand the test of time.

The perfect gift for the chef in your life, or a useful addition to any busy kitchen.

Typhoon Vintage Kitchen Scales

by Dove Mill Kitchen

Based on the popular weighing scales that adorned many a kitchen during the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, Typhoon have created a classic looking scale that will look equally at home in any modern day kitchen.

The enamel coated steel construction, an easy to read dial and an easy pouring stainless steel bowl, ensures that this mechanical weighing scale will be the focal point of any kitchen.

Available in blue, black, red and cream, to match any kitchen colour scheme.

Antique French Kitchen Scales with Weights

genuine antique

A superb piece of authentic French kitchen memorabilia. These traditional French balance scales come complete with weights, which makes the asking price seem very reasonable when you consider that modern weighing scales seldom come with weights included.

Please note that this particular piece is an actual vintage item and as such there is only one available to buy, so please click the check price button below to confirm availability.

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