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old fashioned telephones

Are you growing a little tired of modern house phones? All that awful bleeping and flashing LCD’s, we know we are.

So why not transport yourself back to a simpler time, the days when you didn’t need a degree in computer science just to call a friend.

Our range of best selling old fashioned telephones are totally app free, just dial and talk, ahhh absolute bliss. Bring a little class and originality back into your life with a retro styled telephone.

Timeless design combined with old fashioned nostalgia, not forgetting that beautiful ringing noise from real bells, such a refreshing change.

Wild & Wolf Retro 1930's Desk Phone

the Classic World War II Telephone in Black or Vintage Red

Wild & Wolf Retro 302 Desk Phone Vintage Red

If you are a fan of classic old movies from the thirties and forties you are sure to have seen this vintage phone before.

It was the mid 1930’s when Henry Dreyfuss, a prolific American product deigner unvieled his latest masterpeice to the masses, a telephone so dramatic in appearance that it quickly became the telephone of choice for middle class America.

The phone became the standard throughout World War II as telephone design took a back seat to the allied war effort and as a result this phone will have graced the majority of military headquarters, serving as a robust telecommunications instrument.

Wild and Wolfe have re-created the iconic 302 styling but have managed to incorporate modern features and technology, resulting in a telephone which not only looks fantastic but can easily handle the demands of todays busy lifestyle.

  • Simply plugs in to any Modern Phone Socket
  • Dramatic deep red finish
  • Push Button dialling, for your convenience
  • An Iconic Piece of American History
  • Authentic old time bell ringer

GPO Duke Classic Vintage Telephone

with push button dial

GPO Duke Classic Vintage Telephone

The original Duke telephone was manufactured by the General Post Office in the middle part of the nineteenth century and stayed in production until 1959.

During this period the GPO dominated the domestic telecommunications market in the United Kingdom and their impressive range, which varied between sturdy and reliable to the unusual and exotic, could be found in the vast majority of British homes.

The good news is that the GPO brand has been re-born and these classic phones of yester-year are now back in production and have been brought bang up to date to work with modern technological advances, the impressive Duke phone is the perfect example of the GPO’s attention to detail and it’s ornate heavy metal casing is crammed with functional technology, which will work with any standard phone line.

A beautiful example of old fashioned craftsmanship mixed with modern know how, a true conversation piece which will embellish any modern sitting room, study or office.

  • Works with any Phone Network
  • Well made and highly decorative
  • Push Button dialling 
  • Iconic Piece of British Nostalgia
  • Electronic bell ringer

Old Fashioned Telephone with Working Rotary Dial

by GPO in Black or Bronze

A lot of reproduction vintage telephone’s have replaced the traditional rotary dial with push button technology, to allow for the modern pre-occupation with such things as telephone banking etc …

However, the GPO 200 is fully compatible with modern banking methods, so no worries there then.

This gorgeous rotary phone is another impressive reproduction from the GPO and just oozes nostalgia, from its authentic bell ringer to the traditional dialler, which by the way requires a lot of patience to use, ah the good old days.

Simply plug it in to any standard phone socket and your good to go, let your fingers do the dialling and take yourself back to a simpler, less complicated way of life.

  • Traditional Working Rotary Dial
  • Compatible with telephone banking
  • Solid, Heavy Construction
  • Simple Plug and Play Technology
  • 1930’s Style Reproduction

Sagemcom Sixty Digital Retro Cordless Phone

by Sagemcom

Our round up of old fashioned telephones that you can buy today would not be complete without mentioning the highly innovative Sagemcom Sixty.

Designed as a homage to the must have phone of the swinging sixties the designed in France Socotel S63, this funky looking phone not only harks back to the stylish sixties but is crammed full of modern tele technology.

Perfect if you enjoy the retro look but demand all the modern luxuries such as touch screen navigation, answer machine and a hands free mode.

This cordless retro phone was voted a place on Stuff Magazine’s exalted “Cool List” and will surely become the must have home phone for 2013, the fun and funky Sagemcom Sixty is now available in a range of colours including dramatic black, dangerous red and a delightful poetic purple, as well as the original opulent orange.

  • Range of Funky Colours, to match any Decor
  • Phone Book with 150 name capacity
  • Touch Screen Navigation
  • Answer Machine with 24 minute Recording Time
  • Automatic power management
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