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Freshly popped popcorn is quickly becoming the number one snack of choice for families in the UK and America and with good reason.

It’s far more nutritious and healthier than crisps or chocolate, popcorn is low in calories and contains almost twice as much fiber and disease battling antioxidents than fruit or vegetables.

Fresh hot popcorn is also great fun to make at home and we have discovered an amazing range of retro styled popcorn makers, which not only look ace in the kitchen but make popcorn popping easy, safe and economical.

So before you put the movie on make sure you have an ample supply of popcorn by your side and re-create the total cinema experience at a fraction of the cost, movie nights will never be the same again.

Chef BuddyT Popcorn Maker

the traditional fairground popcorn machine

Step right up, come on in and enjoy the authentic taste of traditional carnival style popcorn in the comfort of your own home.

Yes thanks to the Chef BuddyT popcorn machine it is now possible to re-create the awesome taste of your favourite fairground snack from your kitchen or den.

This impressive vintage styled popcorn popper will allow you to rustle up cartons of freshly popped buttered popcorn in four to six minutes, perfect for your next party or those intimate movie nights in.

Quick and simple to use, pour a little oil onto the non-stick cooking plate add your corn kernels then stand back and watch as the corn pops and gets drizzled with a light coating of butter from the built in tray located on top of the unit, great fun for kid’s and adults alike who will love the taste of freshly made hot buttered popcorn whatever the occasion.


  • Non-Stick easy to clean heating plate
  • just turn it on add your corn kernels and get popping
  • Vintage styling ensures it looks great in any retro themed kitchen
  • Great fun at kid’s parties and provides a healthy, nutritious snack

the Original Hot Air Popcorn Popper

Hot Air Popper by Presto

can’t hear the video? Continue reading …

Popcorn is a favourite cinema treat and now you can re-create the movie experience in your own home, except this classic popcorn machine pops your corn using just hot air, so it’s really healthy as you don’t need to use any oil or butter, which makes for a really funky low calorie snack.

All you need to do is put in half a measure of popcorn kernels and then turn it on, it really is that simple.

We tested this popcorn popper against other machines and this particular model leaves the least un-popped kernels out there so you are making the most of all of the kernels that you have and it’s also really quick, making eighteen cups of popcorn in just two and a half minutes which is a lot of popcorn for your money.

Once your corn has been popped you can just fill up your own heat proof dish or use a traditional popcorn box, two of which come supplied with the unit when you buy it but you can also purchase additional ones from the store where you bought it, we love there retro vibe and think they are great for snuggling up on the sofa to enjoy your tasty snack.

This gadget is a really fun thing to watch, especially if you have young children, they can hear it popping and see the popcorn spilling over into the bowl, which makes them feel really involved in the cooking process.

When all the kernels have been popped you will have a bowl full of hot, fresh popcorn and if you wanted to you could add butter to taste simply by adding butter to the dish which you put your kernels into at the beginning, the butter will slowly melt as the popcorn heats up allowing you to pour it over your finished popcorn, making for a naughty treat when you need it.

  • New Heavily Discounted Price
  • Simple to use and fun to watch
  • Two Free Retro Syled Boxes
  • Hot Air Popping Means Less Calories and a Healthy Snack
  • Safety Cut Out Prevents Over Heating

Nostalgia Electrics Retro Kettle Popcorn Machine

traditional cinema style popcorn maker

If you love going to ther cinema mainly because you love the taste of their hot, fresh popcorn, then you are going to love this retro styled popping machine.

Its large two and a half ounce stainless steel kettle can make ten cups of delicious hot popcorn, that tastes just like theatre popcorn but at a fraction of the cost.

The bundle includes everyting you need to turn your kitchen into a popcorn making factory, so next time you feel like taking in a movie, stick a DVD in the player, pop some corn and simulate the complete cinema experience in your own home.

  • Large 2.5-ounce steel kettle with built in stirring system
  • Can pop up to 10 cups of corn per batch
  • Two Free Retro Syled Boxes
  • Measuring cup and spoon included, to ensure perfect popcorn time after time
  • Great looking Vintage Styling with safe tempered plastic windows

Savisto Vintage Retro Hot Air Popcorn Maker

with 6 Popcorn Boxes

The easy way to make movie theatre style popcorn from the comfort of your own kitchen. The vintage inspired hot air popcorn maker by Savisto.

The popcorn kernels are cooked and popped just by using circulated hot air, so no need for messy, unhealthy oils or butter, a much healthier alternative to the calorie laden popcorn sold in shops.

To complete the cinema experience six cardboard popcorn boxes are included.

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