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Retro Style Food Mixers

If you love to cook or bake a versatile, reliable food mixer is an essential tool and should be the mainstay of any modern kitchen.

However when you combine modern state of the art technology with the classic retro styling of yesteryear, then you end up with a practical piece of machinery that not only gets the job done but looks fabulous.

Food mixers tend to be bulky and heavy and not the sort of thing you want to be putting back in the cupboard after every use, well the retro food mixers available today look so super cool and funky that you wouldn’t want to hide them away but display them with pride as the centre piece of your kitchen.

KitchenAid Artisan Design Series Stand Mixer

by KitchenAid

KitchenAid Artisan Design Series Stand Mixer

It was 1936 when world renowned designer Egmont Arens, who also incidentally was the editor of the world famous American pop culture magazine Vanity Fair, shared his design skills and know how with KitchenAid, this marriage of classic styling and state of the art technology led to the creation of a kitchen mixer which enjoyed almost cult like status across the globe.

Arens was so far ahead of his time that the KitchenAid food mixers available today still adhere closely to his original design and almost eighty years later this classic styling has been taken to the next level with the introduction of the KitchenAid Artisan Design Series Stand Mixer, a mixer so beautiful to look at that it has almost become a work of art.

Performance wise the Artisan out performs the majority of household mixers available to buy today, its impressive 300 watt direct drive motor is more than enough to get the job done and a large capacity mixing bowl and large range of optional attachments ensures perfect results time after time, no matter what foods you are preparing.

Heavy robust construction ensures this mixer will last for years and become the cornerstone of all your culinary endeavours.

  • Heavy Rugged Construction, Built to Last
  • Large Capacity 5 quart Mixing Bowl
  • Huge Range of Optional Accessories
  • Beautiful Retro Styling
  • Tilt Head Mechanism for Easy Access to Bowl and Ingredients

the New Vintage Styled Kenwood Chef Mixer

Classic 4.6 Litre Kitchen Machine

Vintage Styled Kenwood Chef Mixer

If you have a keen and growing desire to cook, bake and create lovely meals for you and your family then this classic kitchen machine is the one for you.

This awesome appliance boasts an extremely powerful 800 watt motor and 4.6 litre stainless steel bowl, making it ideal for batch baking doughs and all kneading, mixing and whisking requirements.

Control the consistency and end result of your cooking with the automatic, electronic speed control complete with pulse.

Regardless of its load this Kenwood Chef Classic maintains speed and power, choose between the bowl outlet with three bowl tools to create doughs and cake mixes, the slow speed outlet for attachments to make sausages and pasta or the high speed for the blender attachment.

The Chef Classic kitchen machine uses a total planetary mixing action within the bowl, this action helps to achieve perfect mixing results by ensuring all ingredients are picked up from the sides of the bowl.

This incredible mixing machine also includes a blender, ideal for crushing ice or blending drinks, soups and dips, three height adjustable non-stick and dishwasher safe mixing tools for specific tasks a K beater, wire whisk and dough hook.

There are over twenty optional attachments available to enable you to personalise your machine according to your requirements.

Designed to make your culinary life easier, this kitchen machine uses a simple pop-up head lift, allowing for quick and easy tool change and bowl removal.

The Kenwood Chef’s stunning retro design was inspired by the classic machines of yesteryear, that your mother or possibly grandmother owned and loved but now boasts more power and style than ever before.

  • Powerful 800 watt Motor
  • 4.6 litre Stainless Steel Bowl
  • Automatic Electronic Speed Control and Pulse
  • Total Planetary Mixing Action
  • Quick and Easy Tool Change

Cooks Professional Red Retro Style 800W Stand Mixer

5 litre Mixing Bowl Incredibly Versatile Addition To Any Kitchen

If you love that retro look but require the efficiency of modern technology than the Cooks Professional Retro Stand Mixer could just be the machine for you.

So much more than just a mixer, this elegant looking kitchen tool is so versatile and adaptable that it is capable of preparing bread dough, pasta, mince, cake mixes, super smoothies, rich sauces and much, much more.

Its large range of attachments and powerful 800 watt motor will help cut your preparation time in half and if you are cooking for that special occasion its large capacity mixing bowl is ideal for preparing large quantities of ingredients without spillage.

  • Powerful 800 watt Motor
  • Multi Functional Stand Mixer
  • Large 5 litre Mixing Bowl
  • New Heavily Discounted Price
  • Incredibly Versatile Kitchen Appliance
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Andrew James Electric Food Stand Mixer

with Splash Guard, 5.2 Litre Bowl, And Spatula

Andrew James Electric Food Stand Mixer

Andrew James is a name that has become synonymous with outstanding kitchen equipment at an affordable price and this 5.2 litre food mixer is no exception.

Featuring an impressive 800 watt motor and six speed settings, including pulse mode, this versatile food mixer is suitable for baking everything from cup cakes to a family sized loaf of bread.

Everything you need for mixing a variety of ingredients has been included, four separate beater attachments, a 2kg capacity stainless steel mixing bowl, splash guard and even a handy silicone spatula.

Available in a range of colours, including classic cream, retro red and stunning silver, to match any retro themed kitchen design.

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