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Teasmade Radio Alarm Clock

modern new versions of the early morning cuppa making machine

teasmade radio alarm clock

The original Goblin Teasmade was a must have bedroom accessory during the late sixties and early seventies, the idea that a machine could prepare your early morning brew while you slept and then wake you when it was ready, proved to be an irresistible notion for tea and gadget lovers everywhere.

Unfortunately this hi-tech marvel fell out of favour in the eighties and declining sales forced Goblin to sell the manufacturing rights to domestic gadget maker Swan, who now make vintage styled versions for all fans of modern retro chic, who want to re-create the ultimate tea making experience today.

Swan Vintage Teasmade

by Swan

swan vintage teasmade

When Swan acquired the rights to produce the Goblin Teasmade, they quickly realised that this iconic tea making machine would have special appeal to all lovers of retro chic and nostalgia and so went out of their way to create a classically styled vintage model.

Utilising modern day technology the Vintage Teasmade easily out performs the original version whilst maintaining the classic look of a bygone era. featuring a traditional alarm clock and an impressive 600ml capacity rapid boiling kettle, which automatically fills the built in ceramic teapot ready for your morning brew.

Swan Vintage Teasmade - Video Commercial

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What could possibly be a better way to start the morning off, than with a freshly made cup of tea or coffee ready at your bedside when you wake up?

The well loved Teasmade, tea maker and alarm clock from Swan is designed to put a smile on your face every time. It’s quick and easy to use, once you’ve filled the tank with water, set the alarm to have your tea or instant coffee ready for when you wake up, or for extra convenience you can press a single button to start boiling water rapidly.

Its beautifully compact design sits nicely at your bedside and with a 600ml ceramic tea pot means there’s plenty for a partner or even a second cup if you have the time.

A convenient flat lid offers space for your favourite cup to be stored on top, ready for your next brew.

Wake up and your tea is made by the Swan Teasmade.

  • Vintage Compact Design
  • High Speed Water Boiling
  • Impressive 600ml Capacity
  • Full Function Alarm Clock

Swan STM100 Teasmade White

by Swan

Swan STM100 Teasmade White

The latest reincarnation of the classic Teasmade has been brought bang up to date for the twenty tens.

Featuring a sleek new contemporary design, which still manages to convey a retro vibe, this state of the art tea making machine now features a modern electronic alarm clock with a backlit illuminated analogue display, as well as a night time reading light and of course it makes a superb morning cuppa.

Wake up in style with the all singing all dancing brand new Swan Teasmade.

  • Illuminated LCD Display
  • Reading Light
  • 600ml Water Capacity
  • High quality ceramic tea pot with lid

Breville VCF042 Wake Cup Hot Water Dispenser

by Breville

Obviously inspired by the original Goblin Teasmade, Breville have taken the idea of a bedside tea making machine to the next level, with the Breville Wake Cup hot water dispenser.

So if you like to start the day with a freshly brewed cup of tea or coffee, then this is the perfect wake up call, featuring a gradual wake up light and an alarm that alerts you to the fact that your drinks are on the way.

Ideal for either one or two cups the Wake Cup also features a convenient tray for resting spoons, or used tea bags and includes a handy flask for keeping milk cool overnight.

Once you have tried the Breville Wake Cup, you won’t want to start your day any other way

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