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Best Old Fashioned Looking Record Players

the best retro style record players compared

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Call me old fashioned but you just can’t beat that delicious little crackling sound the first time a stylus touches vinyl.

Unfortunately it’s a sound that is rapidly becoming extinct, as millions of music lovers rush to download the latest perfectly digitised mp3 or aac from iTunes and the like, to play on their fancy state of the art smart phones or iPods.

Nothing can compare to the feeling you get as you pull that glorious vinyl disc from its sumptuous, almost decadent cover and gently place it onto the rotating turntable and listen to that slightly imperfect crackle before the music starts in all its vintage glory, ahh bliss.

The really good news is that vinyl isn’t dead, in fact it’s enjoying a bit of a revival at the moment with most modern artists now releasing vinyl versions of their latest masterpieces, alongside their digital recordings and the even better news is that there is an amazing choice of record players out there, that combine the latest electronic wizardry with that really cool retro look of yesteryear.

We asked former punk rocker and sociopath Norman from accounts, to compare the latest and greatest old fashioned looking record players, which would give him a good excuse to pogo around the Funky Retro office all day, we just hope his artificial hip holds out.

Go vinyl, its the future of music as well as the past and sure to catch on in a big way, please note vinyl records are not available for download :)

Pyle Classical Trumpet Horn Turntable/Phonograph

with AM/FM Radio CD/Cassette/USB & Direct to USB Recording

PylePro Vintage PVNP4CD Record Turntable
PylePro Vintage PVNP4CD Record Turntable

So much more than a record player, this amazing piece of furniture combines modern technology with old fashioned Victorian virtues.

The classic metal horn just typifies a bygone era and the unit as a whole is bound to become a conversation piece as soon as anyone sees it.

Classy and exceptionally well built, will look great in any home and allow you to wallow in nostalgia while benefiting from the best of modern day technology.

Amazing value at a hard to beat price.

funky thumbs up

What Norman liked:

  • great retro look
  • good quality sound
  • authentic looking metal horn
  • easy to put together
  • switches and knobs rotate smoothly
funky thumbs down

What Norman didn’t like:

  • horn is quite flimsy
  • unreadable instruction sheet

Crosley Cruiser Briefcase Style Portable Vinyl Turntable

by Crosley

crosley cruiser briefcase style portable turntable
crosley cruiser briefcase style portable turntable

Crosley have built a solid reputation for manufacturing electronic devices with a classic retro look and this superb briefcase style record player continues that tradition.

If you are looking for a compact, vintage looking record player that can also convert vinyl into digital format then this portable, vinyl turntable from Crosley will make your heart skip a beat.

Classic retro styling crammed with state of the art electronics, Crosley have created an all in one solution for playing and recording vinyl, that looks so cool that you will want to take it everywhere with you.

Crosley Cruiser Portable Turntable Video Review

funky thumbs up

What Norman liked:

  • light weight, very portable
  • easily converts vinyl to digital files
  • looks amazing
  • affordable price
funky thumbs down

What Norman didn’t like:

  • tinny speakers

Wockoder Portable Bluetooth 3 Speed Turntable

with Built in Speakers, Vintage Style Vinyl Record Player, Blue

Wockoder Portable Bluetooth 3 Speed Turntable
Wockoder Portable Bluetooth 3 Speed Turntable with Built in Speakers

Another portable record player that is definitely worth a look, is the impressive Wockoder, Portable, Bluetooth, 3 Speed Turntable.

Available in denim blue or turquoise.

funky thumbs up

What Norman liked:

  • super bluetooth support
  • easy to use and set up
  • looks amazing
  • attractive and functional
funky thumbs down

What Norman didn’t like:

  • small housing around A/V ports

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