The Penna Retro Keyboard that thinks it's a Typewriter

wireless bluetooth keyboard by Elretron

penna retro typewriter keyboard
penna the retro style typewriter keyboard

The humble typewriter has truly had it’s day, made virtually obsolete by the modern computer keyboard, vintage typewriters can still be found on auction sites, car boots and vintage fairs but are purely in the realm of the avid collector only.

At Funky Retro the online retro magazine our rather decrepit bunch of writers yearn for those golden years of journalism that were dominated by the mechanical typewriter. Staff writer Enid, bless her cotton socks, has never quite mastered the art of typing with a plastic keyboard and even though she is deaf as a post, says that she misses that “clickety, clackity noise” when she’s typing, maybe that’s what damaged your hearing in the first place, Enid, you should put in a compensation claim, I SAID YOU SHOULD … oh never mind.

The Penna typewriter keyboard on kickstarter

It would appear that the super cool guys and gals at Elretron Inc also miss that vintage typewriter look and feel but unlike Enid who is far too technologically challenged, they decided to build their own version, combining that retro look and feel of the old mechanical typewriter with the cutting edge technology of today that we almost take for granted.

Originally making a request for $50,000 worth of funding on popular crowd sourcing site Kickstarter, the company were able to make their dream a reality by more than quadrupling their initial financing request, which means that the Penna Typewriter Keyboard could be flirting with your fingertips as early as August 2017.

Features of the Penna typewriter keyboard

retro keyboard for tablets
retro keyboard for tablets

More than just a great looking computer keyboard, Penna have managed to combine old fashioned aesthetics with impressive high end technology.

Compatible with Android, Windows and iOS bluetooth devices, five of which can be supported at any one time, this means you can connect it to your PC or Mac and then switch to your phone or tablet to write a quick text or message by simply pressing a hot key. A handy phone/tablet stand built into the keyboard adds to the ease of use.

Key press resistance can be adjusted to your own personal taste, as can the level of ‘clickiness’, which can also be used to adjust the ‘clicky, clacky’ sound volume, are you listening Enid?

A really cool feature is the metal return lever at the side of the device, which is not only reminiscent of an old fashioned typewriter but serves as a really useful macro recording function, handy for reusing popular words phrases, or key functions.

The Penna retro keyboard also comes in a variety of colours including, white, pink, green, black and a very vintage looking wood option.

Where can I buy a Penna retro typewriter keyboard?

By now you should be chomping at the bit to purchase this awesome retro keyboard. However, the original Kickstarter project has now expired but the company is inviting pre-orders at Indiegogo InDemand.

Penna the Retro Bluetooth Keyboard | Video

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