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steampunk keyboards for typists and gamers

Are you of the opinion that modern computer keyboards are kind of boring and all look the same? Well that’s what the writing staff at Funky Retro thought, especially Mabel our new trainee and at 66 the baby of the typing pool, bless her.

Mabel pined for the good old days of typewriters, so we sent her out into the big, wide world to find the best retro typewriter keyboards available to buy today, well after all she is the only member of staff who still has her own hip and knee joints, continue reading to see what the sprightly Mabel discovered.

LinDon Tech Mechanical Wired Keyboard

back-lit brown switches with retro vintage typewriter styling

LinDon Tech Mechanical Keyboard
LinDon Tech mechanical keyboard with old school typewriter style keycaps.

Mabel’s not one to fall in love easily, ‘never been kissed she told us’ but she was spotted getting rather over friendly with Timothy (the randy eighty year old in accounts) at the Funky Retro Christmas doo.

However, she did fall in love with the LinDon-Tech Mechanical Keyboard almost immediately and what’s not to admire? It’s solid construction and sleek retro styling is usually only found on high end computer keyboards costing two or three times as much but it was the back lit, typewriter style floating keycaps that really got Mabel’s knees a trembling.

The white L.E.D back lights can be adjusted by pressing the function key on the keyboard itself, so you can adjust the keyboards lighting or turn on the funky breathing mode, which makes the keys lights pulsate to your own personal preference.

LinDon Tech Mechanical Keyboard | Video Review

funky thumbs up

What Mabel liked:

  • solid aluminium construction
  • backlit typewriter floating keycaps
  • input typing speed adjustment
  • white backlight adjustment
  • affordable price
funky thumbs down

What Mabel didn’t like:

  • slightly noisy when typing
  • no bluetooth
  • wired

Qwerkywriter Typewriter

wireless mechanical keyboard

Qwerkywriter the amazing typewriter style, mechanical, Bluetooth keyboard

If you spend a lot of time stuck behind a computer keyboard you may as well have something that’s fun, interesting and easy on the eye, just like Timothy in accounts, well according to Mabel anyway, especially when she’s had a Sherry or two.

The Qwerkywriter typewriter style wireless computer keyboard ticks all the right boxes when it comes to style and innovation, definitely quirky and unusual but the combination of old fashioned good looks and modern technology means that the Qwerkywiter is a useful and flexible piece of kit for the serious typist or the avid gamer.

It’s bluetooth connectivity means you can use it on practically any bluetooth enabled device and the handy tablet/phone stand makes typing on your iPad, iPhone or Android a breeze.

Qwerkywriter Typewriter | Video Review

funky thumbs up

What Mabel liked:

  • all metal construction
  • bluetooth enabled
  • built in tablet stand
  • rechargeable battery
  • clicky typewriter style keys
funky thumbs down

What Mabel didn’t like:

  • expensive
  • hard to find in the UK
  • noisy 

USB Typewriter Conversion Kit

Easy Install Version

usb typewriter diy kit
turn that old typewriter into a cool computer keyboard with the USB DIY Conversion kit

While comparing retro style computer keyboards, Mabel had a thought, a rare event not often witnessed in the Funky Retro office, or anywhere else for that matter, years of Sherry abuse has taken its toll on her brain cell count.

However, on one of her many toilet breaks, Mabel mused to herself ‘I wish I could still use my old mechanical typewriter to write on, the one stuck in the attic covered in cobwebs’.

Well Mabel, the good news is, you can, thanks to the creative skills of inventor and entrepreneur Jack Zylkin, who has invented the amazing do it yourself, USB Typewriter Conversion Kit.

Yes folks with a few simple pieces of computer gadgetry (included in the kit), a little patience, a screwdriver, glue gun and sandpaper (not included), you can use your old mechanical typewriter as a fully working computer keyboard.

Don’t believe it? No we were quite amazed ourselves and poor old Mabel needed several Sherries to get over the shock.

Click the Etsy Voucher below and see for yourself, you’re gonna be so impressed with this.

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