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Is smoking still regarded as cool? Well, according to the vast majority of health professionals across the globe, probably not, however we believe smoking tobacco or more exotic alternatives should be a personal choice, after all its your life, live it as you wish.

What we do know is that cigarette lighters are very cool, from the classic vintage styles favoured by the old movie stars of yesteryear such as Audrey Hepburn and Huphrey Bogart, all the way up to the highly collectable Zippo lighters of today, which can change hands for many hundreds of pounds.

Pierre Cardin Vintage Varaflame Lighter

Designed by Pierre Cardin

Pierre Cardin Vintage Varaflame Lighter

This classically designed Varaflame lighter by Pierre Cardin would not look out of place in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ or ‘Casablanca’, it has a definitive old fashioned movie star look and feel, that just oozes pure class.

The quality construction also harks back to the days when attention to detail and pure old fashioned craftsmanship came as standard, unlike the cheap mass produced plastic lighters of today.

Attractively presented the Pierre Cardin Vintage Varaflame Lighter would make the perfect gift for the smoker in your life and with a price that doesn’t require a movie star salary, provides excellent value for money.

  • Black Lacquer with Chrome Finish
  • Exclusive Pierre Cardin Design
  • Efficent Varaflame System
  • Surprisingly Inexpensive

S.T. DUPONT – Andy Warhol/Elvis Presley Lighter

collectors edition by s.t. dupont

S.T. DUPONT Andy Warhol Elvis Presley Lighter

Andy Warhol rocketed to fame in the 1960’s when he became the leading light of the ‘pop art’ movement, an artistic endeavour that challenged the conventions of traditional ‘fine art’ by combining striking imagery with popular culture.

His legendary portraits of famous celebrities of the time now change hands for millions of dollars and one of his most iconic portraits, featuring the legendary rock and roller Elvis Presley, adorns this highly desrirable Platinum finished cigarette lighter.

To complete the Warhol connection the lighter also features one of the artists most famous quotes which stated that, “everyone would be famous for fifteen minutes”.

A highly collectable item for anyone interested in art, Elvis or the sixties in general and certain to increase in value almost as much as a Warhol original.

  • Luxury Dupont Original
  • Striking Warhol Imagery
  • Highly Collectable Item
  • Superb gift for any Elvis or Warhol Fan

Ronson Limited Edition 24K Gold Varaflame Lighter

collectors edition by ronson

The Ronson Limited Edition 24K Gold Varaflame Lighter, is so much more than your average lighter, not only does it celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the ground breaking introduction of the Varaflame but it incorporates everything that has made the name Ronson synonomous with quality smoking accessories.

This luxurious limited edition gold plated lighter is one of only 5,000 pieces manufactured and comes complete with its own numbered certificate of authentication, which matches the number present on the lighter itself.

Certain to become a much sought after piece of Ronson history, order today before all 5,000 pieces are snapped up, because you can almost guarantee that if you buy it at a future auction, it will probably cost you twice as much.

  • 50th Anniversary Limited Edition 24K Gold Plated Lighter
  • Only 5,000 Pieces World Wide
  • Attractively Gift Boxed in Black Lacquered Case
  • A gift that will be cherished for a lifetime
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Zippo ‘Heirloom’ TV Commercial

Written, Directed, Edited & Produced by: M. Keegan Uhl

Zippo Industrial Art Skull New Windproof Lighter

collectors edition by Zippo

Zippo Skull Windproof Lighter

The Zippo Manufacturing Company was founded by entrepreneurial businessman George G. Blaisdell in 1932 and the first ever Zippo lighter was made available to the general public in 1933.

The Zippo range became immensely popular, especially in the United States where the lighter was the number one choice of U.S. Military personnel.

The Zippo 28320 with its intriguing ‘Industrial Machinery Art Skull’ design is one of the latest wind proof lighters to roll off the Zippo production line and continues the company’s exacting standards of manufacturing excellence.

A great way to kickstart your Zippo collection, or the perfect gift for the cigarette lighter collector in your life. 

  • Windproof Pocket Lighter
  • Comes with a Lifetime Guarantee
  • Refillable and Reliable
  • Industrial Machinery Art Skull Design

Zippo Limited Edition Lighter – Vintage Pin Up Girl

collectors edition by Zippo

Zippo Limited Edition Lighter Vintage Pin-Up Girl

The Zippo lighter is renowned the world over for its quality construction and its ability to light whatever the weather conditions, the huge range of available designs also adds to the lighters appeal and high level of collectibility.

Of course no Zippo lighter collection would be complete without a curvy, vivacious fifties glamour girl themed lighter and Elena certainly fits the bill.

This highly desirable pocket lighter comes directly from the U.S.A and is one of a limited edition of only 500 units, guaranteed to quicken the pulse of any avid Zippo fan.  

  • Limited Edition of only 500 Made
  • Lifetime Guarantee
  • Refillable and Reliable
  • Vintage Pin Up Girl Design

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