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Cut Throat Razor Set - for Real Men

shave in vintage style

cut throat razor shaving

Lets face facts gentlemen, electric shaving is for girls, real men shave with a cold steel blade against the skin and we are not talking about those namby, pamby safety razors either, no real men shave with a cut throat razor.

Wet shaving with a cut throat just seems so dangerous and edgy, probably due in part, to the antics of the celluloid demon barber of Fleet Street, Sweeny Todd, who took great pleasure in dispatching his customers with a swift razor slash of the throat, before turning them into meat pies for his much more lucrative fast food business.

Of course we don’t expect you to spill any blood in your shaving endeavours (well, maybe a little, if your a straight blade virgin, accidents are inevitible) but for that extra close shave, a straight bladed razor is the way to go.

Urbane Men Traditional Shaving Complete Kit Gift Set

with Shaving Bowl, Soap, Brush, Post Shave Balm & Leather Case

Urbane Men Traditional Shaving Complete Kit Gift Set

An amazing gift set for anyone new or experienced at the intricate skill of straight edge razor shaving. This impressive shaving kit contains, one sandalwood shaving bowl complete with soap, a wooden handled shaving brush with pure badger hair bristles, 100ml of pre-shave oil and of course a wooden handled straight edge razor. As if all of this wasn’t enough the Urbane Men traditional shaving kit comes complete with a leather travel pouch, ideal for those weekends away.

Bluebeards Revenge – Cut Throat Razor Starter Kit

by The Bluebeards Revenge

Bluebeards Revenge Cut Throat Razor Starter Kit

A traditional straight razor requires a fair amount of attention and maintenance in order to deliver the perfect shave, the blade has to be honed to perfection and has to be kept extremely sharp, usually by sharpening with a leather strop on a regular basis.

The shavette however eliminates these problems by using conventional disposable razor blades, providing an excellent introduction to straight razor shaving for the beginner.

The Cut Throat Razor Starter Kit by Bluebeards Revenge, includes everything you need to start straight shaving right away, including extensive instructions for the beginner.

The razor itself is nicely balanced with a good weight behind it and as with all of Bluebeards products is emblazoned with the funky skull and crossbones logo.

The kit also includes a wooden shaving brush, shaving cream, pre shave oil, post shave balm and five quality double edged razor blades, oh, and a pack of sticking plasters, well this is a starter kit and those little cuts and nicks are hard to avoid at first.

  • The perfect gift for any hot blooded male
  • Easy to use Shavette, uses Traditional Razor Blades
  • Cost Effective Kit, Contents would cost more if bought separately
  • Complete with Plasters for those little mishaps

How to Shave with a Straight Razor – Video

learn how to shave with a cut throat razor

Luxury Open Razor Gift Box Set

by Haryali London

Luxury Open Razor Gift Box Set

For the more discerning open shaving connoisseur, this Luxury Shaving Set adds a touch of class to the daily shaving routine.

Featuring a top class straight razor manufactured by Haryali London, complimented by a super, authentic, badger hair shaving brush , the quality of this shaving set is hard to beat.

The high quality leather strop that is included ensures your shaving equipment is always at its maximum performance level and the hand made Rosewood Presentation Box complete with brass fittings, ensures all your shaving accessories are safely and securely stored away.

The perfect gift any man would be pleased to receive, be it your husband, boyfriend, father or grandfather, exceptional build quality at an affordable price.

  • Good Quality Razor
  • Quality Leather hanging strop complete with strop paste
  • Super Badger Hair Shaving Brush
  • Handmade Rosewood Presentation Case

Thiers Issard Luxury Cut Throat Razor Shaving Set

by Thiers-Issard

Manufactured by French craftsman for Thiers Issard, utilising only the best of raw materials, this luxurious vintage style shaving set is almost a work of art in its own right.

Replicating the classic straight shaving essentials of the 1900’s, the kit includes a cut throat razor with a carbon steel blade, a branded badger hair shaving brush, which feels super smooth against the skin, a stainless steel shaving soap bowl and a high quality wooden handheld strop with leather paddle.

This vintage style shaving set comes in a high quality, hand made Beech storage case which is reminiscent of the shaving sets which were popular at the turn of the 20th century, an attractive gift for any man and a heirloom which will be passed on from generation to generation.

Make no mistake this is a quality gift, with a high price tag but is certain to be loved and cherished for a lifetime.

  • Exclusive Hand made beechwood case with built-in mirror
  • Vintage Style Stainless steel shaving soap bowl complete with soap puck
  • Handheld wood strop with strop paste and cleaning cloth
  • Reassuringly Expensive Price Tag, you get what you pay for
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