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Retro Sweet Hampers, Boxes and Gift Jars

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No matter how old we are, we all remember the sweets we enjoyed so much as kids.Ask anyone to name their favourite goodie and the names will come flooding out, kola kubes, fruit salad, space dust, sour apples, pear drops.

The list is never ending but the good news is most of these retro sweets are still being made and are available to order today.

I bet you can almost taste your favourites already, so why not treat yourself or a sweeted toothed loved one, to a retro sweet hamper, gift box or gift jar, they will love you forever.

Jumbo Retro Sweet Hamper

by A Quarter Of … the best sweet shop ever

jumbo retro sweet hamper

When people say “Sweet Dreams” they must be referring to this Jumbo Sized Sweet Hamper from ‘a-quarter-of’, a giant sized wicker basket packed to the brim with all the favourite sweets you remember from your schooldays.

They are all here Barratts Shrimps, Haribo Fried Eggs, Pineapple Chunks, Vimto Lollies, Wham Bars, Curly Wurly’s and so much more that we cannot fit them all on this page.

This impressive sweet hamper is perfect for Christmas, either as a gift for someone very special, or just as treats for when the grandchildren come round to visit and they will definitely be visiting a lot, once they learn grandma and grandad have a retro sweet hamper under the tree.

To complete the retro schoolday theme the hamper also contains an original vintage old comic, a whoopee cushion and some water bombs, so you can indulge your naughty side, just be careful you don’t end up with ‘six of the best’ from ‘teecher’.

  • Large Wicker Basket, can be used for picnics, once the sweets are gone
  • Weighs a massive 10.7Kg.
  • The perfect Personal or Corporate gift
  • Each Hamper measures 56cm x 37cm x 26cm, Huge!

A Large Wooden Box of Sweet Devotion

by A Quarter Of … the best sweet shop ever

wooden box retro sweets

Show them how much you care with the romance themed Wooden Box of Sweet Devotion, guaranteed to melt the heart of your beloved.

The hand made wooden box measuring 28cm x 18cm x 18cm (11in x 7.1in x 7.1in), contains 2.9kg of all the retro sweets that simply say “I Love You”, from Love Hearts to Friendship Rings and Heart Throbs to Jelly Cherry Lips, this large wooden box of devotion is sure to impress.

The perfect gift for Christmas, Valentines day, or just to say thanks for sticking around.

  • Romance Themed Wooden box of Devotion
  • A hefty 2.9kg of Retro Sweets
  • Hand Crafted Display Box
  • A Sweet Feast for Lovers

Retro Sweet Gift Jars

by a Quarter Of ...

old fashioned sweet jar

Remember standing in your favourite sweet shop, almost mesmerised by shelf upon shelf of gigantic glass jars full of every kind of sweet you could ever imagine?

Well now you can actually own one of these sweet jars, full to the brim with your favourite sweets, or better still imagine giving one of these awesome sweet jars as a gift, now that would definitely get you into someones good books.

Choose from a Large Jar of Nostalgia, A Whopping Penny Mix Jar, Fruit Salad in a Kilner Jar and many, many more including Super Personalised jars for mums and dads.

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