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The grand old master of shock rock, Alice Cooper, has dominated the world of theatrical rock for over five decades. The original band, consisting of Vincent Furnier (Alice) on vocals, Glen Buxton (RIP) on lead guitar, Dennis Dunaway on bass and Michael Bruce on rhythm guitar were originally called the Earwigs, until an alleged chance encounter with a Ouija board informed the young Vince that in a past life he had been an 18th century witch, called Alice Cooper.

The Alice Cooper band quickly gained notoriety all over the world due to their outlandish stage shows, featuring mock beheading’s, dead chickens and buckets of fake blood.

Alice split from the original band in 1975 and has continued with his successful solo career to this day, still going strong, touring and releasing quality albums such as the recent concept offerings ‘Along Came A Spider’ and ‘Welcome 2 my Nightmare’, the follow up to his very first solo album ‘Welcome to my Nightmare’.

Alice continues to entertain and amaze, hopefully you will be just as amazed by our collection of only the best Alice Cooper T-Shirts.

Billion Dollar Babies T Shirt

vintage Alice album artwork t-shirt

alice cooper billion dollar babies t-shirt

Featuring the classic artwork from the Alice Cooper bands most successful album of all time, the platinum award winning ‘Billion Dollar Babies’, which was a number one hit on both sides of the Atlantic at the height of the bands success in 1973.

This 100% cotton, Fruit of the Loom, official tee, is a tribute to both the album and the sell out world tour which accompanied it, which reportedly broke all United States box office records at the time, outselling even the Rolling Stones.

Wear a little piece of Alice Cooper history on your chest with this classic rock t-shirt.

Alice Cooper Schools Out T shirt

my schools been blown to pieces

schools out t-shirt

Who could forget the classic rock ‘n’ roll anthem ‘Schools Out’? Reaching number one in both the UK album and singles chart in the balmy summer of 1972.

This officially licensed, quality t-shirt, features artwork from the album cover, designed by Craig Braun, which was created in the form of an old school desk, the lid of which was defaced with student graffiti and carvings, including the heart and dagger immortalised on the front of this quality, digitally printed, ladies t-shirt.

Alice Cooper Halloween T-Shirt

official tee

alice cooper halloween t-shirt
alice cooper halloween t-shirt

Celebrate Halloween in style, with the master of ‘shock rock’ himself, the one and only Alice Cooper.

Depicting an almost vampiric Alice and a Halloween pumpkin head, this superbly printed tee could be the finishing touch to your fancy dress outfit come October the 31st.

Alice Cooper for President T shirt

vote Alice

alice cooper for president t-shirt
alice cooper for president t-shirt

Inspired by the best selling single ‘Elected’, from the ‘Billion Dollar Babies’ album, this tongue in cheek Alice Cooper presidential campaign t-shirt, is a must have item for any Alice fan.

The slogan proudly urges voters to ‘Make America Sick Again’, even though Donald Trump seems to be making a pretty good job of that himself, save America Vote Alice in future.

I'll Bite Your Face Off T-Shirt

finger licking good

alice cooper bite your face off t-shirt

Alice Cooper described the song ‘I’ll Bite Your Face Off’ as a tribute to the early song writing style of the Rolling Stones.

Show the world you know your Alice Cooper stuff and wear this stunning t-shirt inspired by the hit single from the 2011 concept album ‘ Welcome 2 my Nightmare’.

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