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Burlesque Accessories

vintage fashion for modern gals

You’ve got your Burlesque Corset sorted and your lacy Burlesque Skirt, your derrière looks divine in those gorgeous frilly panties, so your good to go, right?

Wrong, very, very wrong, the most important thing to remember about attaining that classic Burlesque showgirl look is to accessorise and when you think you’ve over done it, accessorise again.

Yes ladies you can never have enough body decorations and when it comes to Burlesque Fashion the list of adornments is almost endless, from feather boa’s to exotic nipple tassels our selection of Burlesque Accessories will have you covered, well only just … as far as the nipple pasties go 😉

Fabulous Burlesque Accessories

adornments to die for

fabulous burlesque accessories

Every Burlesque performer from the bawdy Gypsy Rose Lee of the dirty thirties to the erotic stage shows of the modern day queen of Burlesque Dita Von Teese realised the importance of classic accessories.

Feather boas and fans are an integral part of any Burlesque performance and what sort of strip tease would it be without the ever so slow removal of stockings and gloves?

An essential part of any Burlesque Outfit, for the dedicated vintage fashion aficionado or the more casual once a year fancy dresser, whatever the occasion, when you have to dress to impress, don’t forget those Burlesque Accessories.

Burlesque Feather Boa

Traditional Burlesque performers would use the feather boa to tease and tantalise their audience, now you can look just as glamourous with an authentic burlesque style feather boa.

Burlesque Hats & Fascinators

No self respecting Burlesque artiste would ever be seen in public without a classy piece of head wear, all the rage in the roaring forties and fabulous fifties and back in fashion today.

burlesque gloves

Retro Burlesque Gloves

An essential piece of clothing that no strip tease artist could afford to be without, the sensual art of teasing rely's heavily on peeling off a pair of gloves as slowly as possible.

vintage burlesque stockings

Vintage Burlesque Stockings

No retro underwear collection would be complete without a pair of fully fashioned seamed stockings. Guaranteed to get the pulse racing whatever the occasion.

feather fan

Retro Feather Fans

Designed to tease, the classic feather fan was a mainstay of every burlesque dancers repertoire and is a must have accessory to bring out for those burlesque inspired parties.

showgirl nipple pasties

Showgirl Nipple Pasties

Time to get daring with a pair of peek a boo nipple pasties, complete with tassles for the woman who likes to be flamboyant and flirty, great fun for steamy nights in.

Play Video

Exotic Fan Dance starring Noel Toy Young

Noel Toy Young was an American Burlesque dancer, who shot to fame as the star attraction at the Forbidden City Nightclub in San Francisco.

Noel later moved into acting and due to her oriental ancestry and mastery of the exotic fan dance quickly became known as the  “Chinese Sally Rand”.

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