Burlesque Knickers

frilly flights of fancy

No self respecting Burlesque outfit would be complete without a pair of retro styled Burlesque Knickers guaranteed to get the heart racing.

Like all things Burlesque, a show girls panties have to be lacy, feminine and slightly over the top, verging on the outrageous.

So decorative, bows, frills and a touch of retro chic are the order of the day. A must have piece of Burlesque Underwear which will go perfectly with that divine Burlesque Corset.

Burlesque Knickers Collection

burlesque knickers

Burlesque knickers and panties come in a host of outrageous styles, from the obvious frills, bows and ruffles that just scream Burlesque, to the more practical waist shaping panties.

Some even have suspenders attached, now you wouldn’t want to forget those oh so sexy retro stockings, would you?

We have scoured the world wide web, to bring you our collection of the best burlesque knickers that will complement the most risqué or subtle of Burlesque outfits.

burlesque satin bloomers

Burlesque Satin French Bloomers

A cheeky pair of traditional satin French knickers with a back tie bow that discreetly covers the exposed derrière. Delightful and luxurious Burlesque bloomers for fun and frolics.

burlesque frilly panties

Burlesque Frilly Knickers

Frilly and daring with a typically Burlesque bow on the back. Suitable as part of any Burlesque outfit and available in black, red, cerise, purple, ivory or white.

Burlesque Shapewear Knickers with 4 Suspender Straps

Burlesque Shapewear Knickers

Luxurious and daring stretch elastane knickers that will help flatten the tummy and shape the bottom. Frothy back frills are complemented with four detachable suspenders.

Satin Tutu Knickers

Satin Tutu Knicker

A pair of ruffled, satin knickers that are playful and sensual in equal measures. Features frills embossed with cute little hearts and a cotton gusset. Available in sizes from small to extra large.

What Katie Did Suspender Knickers

What Katie Did Leopard Knickers

High waist suspender knickers based on retro fifties styling. Bring out your hidden sex kitten with these 'What Katie Did' leopard print knickers with detachable metal suspenders.

Retro Shorts with Suspender Straps

Retro Shorts with Suspenders

Sheer vintage styled shorts suitable as both outer and underwear thanks to the removable suspender straps. Transparent waist panel retro shorts complemented by satin bows.

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