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The very best selection of Clash T Shirts available on the internet today, ‘NUFF SAID’.

The Clash as if you didn’t know were one of the most influential punk bands to come out of London during the late seventies.

Led by enigmatic front man Joe Strummer (RIP) and backed by guitarist extraordinaire Mick Jones, spiky haired Paul Simonon on bass and the eclectic Nicky “Topper” Headon on drums.

The band took the United States by storm in 1979 on their ‘Pearl Harbor ’79’ tour, backing it up with the release of the best selling ‘London Calling’ double album, which charted at number twenty seven on the U.S. charts in the spring of the following year.

London Calling T Shirt

vintage Clash album cover on a classic tee

clash london calling t-shirt
clash london calling t-shirt

Voted the fifth best album cover of all time by Rolling Stone magazine, this iconic image of Paul Simonon chopping up the stage at New York’s Palladium Theatre was also voted the best rock ‘n’ roll photograph ever taken by ‘Q’ magazine, who called it the ultimate out of control moment.

Photographer Pennie Smith originally didn’t want the photo used as an album cover because she felt the shot was too out of focus, however she was overruled by lead singer Joe Strummer and album cover designer Ray Lowry.

Lowry based his design on Elvis Presley’s first album, as a homage to the king of rock ‘n’ roll.

Now available as a 100% cotton t shirt, wear a piece of rock ‘n’ roll history on your chest and wear it with pride.

the Clash know your rights T shirt

this is a public service announcement t-shirt

clash know your rights t-shirt
clash ,know your rights t-shirt

Know your Rights was the first single from the 1982 Clash album Combat Rock, written by Joe Strummer and Mick Jones, who were both masters of political scepticism and sarcastic mocking of  the establishment.

The Know your Rights song is a scathing attack on Governments who tell the people, “you are free and you have rights”, when the reality is far removed from this illusion.

the Clash know your rights Lyrics

Show the world and the civil service sycophants that you know your real rights by wearing a symbol of rock ‘n’ roll revolution on your chest.

the Clash Kamikaze T shirt

by Fifth Column

The Clash consistently used Japanese symbolism and culture in their artwork from the dead samurai warrior on the front of their second album Give ’em’ Enough Rope, to this striking portrait of a Japanese Kamikaze pilot preparing for his final flight.

Controversial and provocative in typical Clash fashion this screen printed, 100% cotton tee features a large over the neck print that ensures no two shirts are ever quite the same, as unique and subversive as the band it represents.

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Sandinista Clash T shirt

official Clash tee shirt

sandinista clash t-shirt

This Clash t-shirt was inspired by the much acclaimed album Sandinista, the fourth Clash studio album, which was released as a triple disc set featuring thirty six tracks in 1980.

The LP took its name from a Nicaraguan left-wing rebel force and as you might expect the album tracks are very politically motivated, with the Clash highlighting cold war tensions of the time.

Wear a piece of punk rock history on your back with this 100% cotton, officially licensed tee shirt.

The Clash Japanese Skull & Bones T-Shirt

retro Clash vintage style and unisex

The Clash Japan Skull & Bones Vintage Style T-Shirt
The Clash Japan Skull & Bones Vintage Style T-Shirt

A faithful reproduction of the t-shirt worn by Clash frontman Joe Strummer on the cover of Combat Rock where he gives his infamous Illuminati one eyed salute and during the 1982 tour of Japan.

joe strummer clash t-shirt tour of japan

The literal translation of the Japanese characters on this Clash skull t-shirt means ‘wireless collision/clash’, in English ‘Radio Clash’ perhaps?

Whatever the meaning it’s a great looking punk rock t-shirt that will stand the test of time just like ‘the only band that matters’, the Clash.

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