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Teddy boys, Punk Rockers, Skinheads, New Romantics, where are they now? As exciting and influential as these youth sub cultures undeniably were, there is only one youth trend that has stood the test of time and remains as relevant today as it did at its rebellious peak back in the mid sixties.

Yes the Mod look is back, in fact it never really went away. There has been a major mod musical and fashion influence on almost every decade from the sixties onwards, from the likes of the Beatles and the Who at the start, through the snarling attitude laden sound of the Jam in the seventies, followed by Oasis, Blur and the Stone Roses from the days when Brit Pop ruled.

The Mod influence can still be seen today through popular cultural icons such as cyclist Bradley Wiggins, actor Martin Freeman and musicians such as Irish beat band the Strypes and singer/songwriter Miles Kane.

So show your modernist roots and tell the world how cool your are with a vintage inspired Mod T Shirt.

Lambretta Scooter T Shirt

by Lambretta

mod lambretta t-shirt

The humble scooter was considered to be the ultimate mod status symbol during the swinging sixties and of course it had to be Ilalian and it had to be adorned with as many wing mirrors and headlamps as practically and sometimes impractically as possible.

The Lambretta vs Vespa debate is still raging today but if your a Lambretta fan than this distressed Union Jack t-shirt with the distinctive Lambretta logo could be just the shirt you are looking for, unique and stylish just like the Lambretta scooter itself.

Ben Sherman Target T Shirt

by Ben Sherman

ben sherman target t-shirt
ben sherman target t-shirt

In the early sixties British born fashion designer Ben Sherman returned to England from his self imposed exile in the USA, to create his own unique range of quality mens clothing, heavily inspired by the attention to detail and craftsmanship he had witnessed in the States.

He created the first Ben Sherman shirt in a rented factory in Bedford Square, Brighton, little realizing that the Ben Sherman ‘look’ would go on to become an icon of fashion and popular culture for years to come.

From the sixties ‘Mods’ to the ‘Brit Pop ‘ invasion of the nineties, generations of ‘cool’ kids have adopted the Ben Sherman philosophy of timeless style and quality, mixed in with more than a fair share of attitude and rebellion.

From the humble beginnings of a back street in Brighton, Ben Sherman has become a global lifestyle brand, with stores in every major city in the world including New York, London, Berlin, and Sydney.

This classic Mod Target tee, epitomises the Ben Sherman look that has been so popular from the early sixties to the present day, oozing style and quality in every stitch.

the Who Quadrophenia T shirt

official licensed merchandise

who quadrophenia t-shirt
who quadrophenia t-shirt

A faithful reproduction of the Quadrophenia album cover, the Who’s second rock opera following on from the success of Tommy, the deaf and dumb kid who played a mean pinball.

The Quadrophenia album was adapted for the big screen in 1979 and was a major influence on the mod revival of the time.

This officially licensed tee features Quadrophenias main protagonist Jimmy, parka clad and sitting upon his much loved scooter, with a Who logo prominent in the background.

A great album, a great movie and now immortalised as a great t-shirt.

the Jam Spray Logo T shirt

official Jam tee shirt

the jam logo t-shirt
the jam logo t-shirt

At a time when spiky haired youngsters dressed in bondage gear and bin liners were the norm, mod inspired Paul Weller formed the Jam with friends guitarist Steve Brookes and drummer Rick Buckler.

While the band shared the snarling attitude of their punk rock contemporary’s, the Jam dressed in style with tailor made suits, a complete opposite of the punk, ripped and torn make it yourself mentality.

However the band were loved by both mods and punks alike, with a number of hit singles charting at number one, including Going Underground, A Town Called Malice and Beat Surrender.

This 100% cotton tee features the spray painted Jam logo from the 1977 album In the City. A must have t-shirt for any style conscious Jam fan.

Mods vs Rockers - Brighton Beach

by Brave Soul

mods vs rockers t-shirt

The bitter rivalry between the Mods and the Rockers made the front pages of newspapers in the UK after pitched battles between the two groups erupted on the beaches of Brighton and Margate.

Relive those halcyon days of wanton violence with this Brave Soul Tee, surrealy depicting parka clad wolves and tigers, astride scooters preparing for the forthcoming Battle of Brighton Beach.

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