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History of Fred Perry, the Man and the Brand.

In 1909 Frederick John Perry was born in Stockport, England to working class parents and in 1929 he became world champion in table-tennis, he only took up tennis at nineteen years old.

He made rapid progress in his new chosen sport and in 1934 he became the first Englishman to win the men’s Wimbledon title in over twenty five years.

He went on to become the only player to win three consecutive Wimbledon men’s singles and helped Britain win the prestigious Davis Cup against America, something that Britain hadn’t achieved in over twenty one years.

Fred Perry was a very charismatic and charming individual, women loved his dark smouldering looks and men really admired his athleticism and sporting prowess, he enjoyed life to the full and later emigrated to California in the USA, where he dated a string of Hollywood celebrities including Jean Harlow.

In 1952 the iconic Fred Perry shirt first appeared and from the fifties onwards Fred Perry and the polo shirt in particular became synonymous with a whole series of sub-cultures driven by musical affinity including mods, skinheads, soul boys, rude boys, two tone and there was even a short lived sub-culture known as the ‘Perry Boys’.

The Fred Perry clothing brand is definitely classic cool with an edge, as well as being both functional and fashionable it has most importantly become timeless.

In 1995 Fred Perry died in Melbourne, Australia aged eighty five.

2009 marked Fred Perry’s centenary year and the Fred Perry Laurel Wreath logo has gone on to become a symbol of excellence and achievement, in the world’s of sport, music and fashion.

Original Fred Perry Shirts

men’s polo, short and long sleeved shirts

original fred perry shirts

The classic Fred Perry shirt has styled generations of fashion concious young men, with its authentic styling and superb fit the Fred Perry shirt has featured in almost every music led trend over the last five decades.

From the sixties mod’s to the Brit Pop invasion of the nineties, Fred Perry has dominated popular culture in a way that no other fashion house has been able to equal.

Proving once and for all that style and sophistication never goes out of fashion.

Fred Perry Jumpers and Cardigans

vintage, crew neck, v-neck and y-neck sweaters and cardigans

fred perry jumpers

Dare to be different with Fred Perry’s range of authentic jumpers and cardigans, available in a multitude of styles, from the understated to a look that screams originality, Fred Perry’s collection of quality knit wear will really make you stand out from the crowd.

Fred Perry Jackets for Men

retro, and stylish

vintage fred perry jackets

The money saving Fred Perry store on Amazon is now stocking an exciting range of Fred Perry jackets, from the ultra sophisticated Harrington to the more casual track and sailing jackets, buying a Fred Perry will ensure you look your best whatever you are doing and wherever you are doing it.

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