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the best traditional stove top kitchen kettles

Thanks in the main to the world wide adoption of induction and AGA cast iron Range cookers, the humble water boiling kettle is no longer confined to the outdoorsy world of the camp fire. No, the traditional kettle is now enjoying a new lease of life, in the kitchen on top of the stove, eliminating the need for messy cable attached, power hungry electric kettles.

For any traditional vintage themed kitchen, a stove top kettle is a must have kitchen appliance, to maintain that retro looking vibe and they also make a great cup of tea.

We do enjoy a nice cup of tea here in the Funky Retro Office and our resident tea girl Enid insists the water has to be boiled on the stove in an old fashioned whistling Kettle. So we sent Enid and her carer, out into the wild blue yonder to find the best stove top kettles available to buy today and put them through their paces, in her quest to make the perfect brew.

Japanese style Cast Iron black hobnail teapot kettle

Tetsubin, cast iron tea pot / kettle

Japanese style Cast Iron black hobnail teapot kettle
Japanese style Cast Iron black hobnail teapot kettle

When is a kettle not a kettle? When it’s a teapot as well, of course. Why waste time transferring hot water from one appliance to another just to make a cuppa? Well thanks to Tetsubin, you no longer have to.

Originally developed in China the cast iron teapot was adopted and developed into both a decorative yet practical object by the Japanese.

Identified as a symbol of strength and unity, the more ornate and decorative items were usually given as gifts and marketed under the name of Tetsubin.

Guaranteed to become a conversation piece in any kitchen, this Hob Nail design cast iron kettle also doubles up as a teapot and has a flat base suitable for the majority of Range Style Cookers.

funky thumbs up

What Enid liked:

  • looks fantastic
  • inbuilt steel mesh infuser
  • heavy duty, cast iron construction
  • easy to clean and maintain
  • pours well
  • affordable price
funky thumbs down

What Enid didn’t like:

  • no whistle
  • small size
  • two cup capacity

Le Creuset Traditional Stove Top Kettle with Whistle

2.1 Litre - Black by Le Creuset

Le Creuset Traditional Kettle with Whistle

Le Creuset is a name that has become synonymous with quality Stove Top Kettles,  stylish, practical and suitable for use on all heat sources.

This 2.1 litre capacity enamelled stainless steel kettle features a stay-cool phenolic fixed handle, a traditional whistle and an easy to clean exterior.

The inside of the kettle however, does require some care and attention and must be drained of water last thing at night to prevent any chance of rusting.

All in all a great looking vintage styled kettle, when used in conjunction with the manufacturers instructions and given a little TLC.

funky thumbs up

What Enid liked:

  • stunning retro look
  • nice whistle
  • heat resistant handle
  • high capacity
funky thumbs down

What Enid didn’t like:

  • slow to boil
  • high maintenance
  • spout tends to dribble
  • expensive

ProCook Stovetop Induction Whistling Kettle

2L Closed Black Handle by ProCook

ProCook Stovetop Induction Whistling Kettle
ProCook Stovetop Induction Whistling Kettle

Suitable for use on electric, gas, ceramic, glass, halogen and induction hobs, this solidly constructed steel kettle, weighing in at a hefty 1.2 Kg, also holds a high capacity 2 litres of water.

A traditional, functional kettle that will stand the test of time, features a classic whistling sound to let you know when it has boiled, very comfortable to use thanks to the soft touch handle and handy spout lifter mechanism.

funky thumbs up

What Enid liked:

  • heavy steel construction
  • nice soft whistle
  • fast boiling
  • high capacity
funky thumbs down

What Enid didn’t like:

  • not easy to keep shiny


Alessi Stove Kettle with Bird-Shaped Whistle

stainless steel stove kettle by Alessi

Alessi stove Kettle with Bird Shaped Whistle

Add a touch of style to your vintage inspired kitchen with the Alessi 9093 B, whistling, stainless steel kettle.

Created by architect and designer Michael Graves, famous for his work on the Portland and Humana Buildings, the extension of the Whitney Museum of American Art and the Newark Museum.

Like his achitecture this amazing stove top kettle, combines everyday fuctionality with incredible good looks and an iconic design, the perfect accessory for any contemporary kitchen.

The fun and frivolous bird shaped whistle just adds to the appeal  of this highly desirable large capacity, stove top kettle.

A must have kitchen accessory for every design conscious tea drinker.

funky thumbs up

What Enid liked:

  • stylish and beautiful design
  • bird shaped whistle
  • fast to boil
  • 2.0L capacity
funky thumbs down

What Enid didn’t like:

  • whistle fiddly to get on and off


Stainless Steel Whistling Stove Kettle

3.0 litre kettle by King Hoff

stainless steel whistling kettle
Stainless Steel Stove Top Kettle by King Hoff

A high 3.0 litre capacity, stainless steel, whistling kettle by King Hoff, no Enid not the guy from ‘Baywatch’, bless, she does have a vivid imagination for an old timer, thinks David Hasselhoff created everything, bless her cotton socks.

Practical to use on all cooking sources such as: electric, halogen, gas, induction and ceramic. Featuring a handy whistle opening button on the wood effect handle.

A superb looking kettle, that is also amazingly good at boiling water but we wouldn’t expect anything else from King Hoff, would we Enid?

funky thumbs up

What Enid liked:

  • made by the King Hoff 🙂
  • inexpensive
  • unusual rounded shape
  • 3.0L capacity
funky thumbs down

What Enid didn’t like:

  • should cost more


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