Traditional Wooden Toys for Boys and Girls

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funky wooden toys

In this modern technological world that our children are growing up in, it is sometimes possible to forget the simple things in life, such as the traditional wooden toys that most of us played with as children.

Young children especially toddlers love to explore the real world that surrounds them and not a computer generated virtual alternative, wooden toys provide kids with a tangible experience that stimulates their developing imaginations and are reassuringly difficult to break.

In a world full of cheap plastic toys, parents are realising that the wooden toys available today are robust and last a lot longer, are safer and more environmentally friendly and that kids have just as much fun with them as the children of past generations did.

For this collection of classic toys we have chosen only the traditional toys that have stood the test of time and been around almost as long as there has been children to play with them.

Uncle Goose Wooden Alphabet Blocks

made in the U.S.A by Uncle Goose

wooden alphabet bricks

Such a simple idea, a wood block featuring letters, numbers and animal illustrations, so why has this humble wooden toy proved to be popular with children, practically since time began?

Because kid’s love them, they can stack them, knock them down, bash ’em together and build things. As they get older they can learn to spell their names, count and recognise the animals that they share the planet with, great fun and educational too, the perfect combination of playing and learning.

These quality wooden ABC blocks manufactured in the USA by Uncle Goose, are probably the best blocks available today, unlike many other cheap imports, these bricks are large enough not to be swallowed but small enough for little hands to grasp.

As we all know toddlers tend to put almost everthing they come into contact with into their mouths, well you can be safe in the knowledge that this toy features 100% safe paint, that has been tested, re-tested and tested again.

  • Handcrafted from basswood in the United States
  • 28 Blocks featuring 4 alphabets, 3 sets of numbers, and 27 different animals
  • Embossed with bright, toddler safe, non-toxic ink
  • Each Wooden Block measures 1 3/4″ or 44 mm

Classic Shetland Wooden Rocking Horse

shetland rocking horse by Pintoy

wooden rocking horse

A much loved toy since the beginning of the 19th Century, the rocking horse has been named, ridden and played with by generations of children the world over.

This classic Shetland Rocking Horse by Pintoy has been designed especially for babies and toddlers, one year old and upwards and could be regarded as a rocking horse for the beginner.

Small enough for younger children to feel safe but big enough to ensure years of play for the growing toddler.

Features an adjustable seat back and removable safety rails to meet the needs of your rapidly maturing child and ensuring years of quality play time.

Manufactured from sustainable Rubber wood, this traditional toddlers rocking horse is beautifully made and easy to put together, make sure you read the customers glowing reviews of this product by people who have actually bought the Shetland Rocking Horse for their children and grandchildren.

  • Manufactured with sustainable Rubber wood
  • Lovely Red and Black detailing
  • Stable and Safe for younger ones
  • Will be Treasured for Years

Children's Wooden Stacking Train

by Melissa and Doug

childrens wooden train

Almost everyone reading this will remember their very first pull along toy and the hours of fun and enjoyment it provided, well the lucky recipient of this pull along wooden train will share those same memories in the years to come.

Manufactured by Melissa and Doug a name that has become synonomous with high quality educational toys for children, this well constructed pull along train with its two carriages loaded with stacking bricks, measures a full seventeen inches long and six inches high when fully hooked up.

The fifteen colourful and chunky bricks slide onto sturdy pegs, ensuring that the train can be taken to bits and rebuilt in different configurations, over and over again, as well as providing the building blocks of many a castle and tower as your childs imagination will allow.

A solid sturdy toy that will stand the test of time and its incredibly low price tag makes it excellent value for money.

  • Made from Solid Wood
  • Over 17 inches long and 6 inches high
  • Made from High quality materials for longevity and safety
  • Non-toxic paints and finishes for peace of mind

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